Beaten as a child by his alcohol fuelled father, former Essex Boys gang member Bernard O'Mahoney grew up harbouring an intense hatred of those that harm the young and vulnerable. For more than two decades he used a whole host of pseudonyms to befriend those that had abducted and murdered children. Employing chameleon like cunning he was able to obtain damning evidence from them about their abhorrent crimes. O`Mahoney then passed that information to the authorities to ensure that the guilty were locked away for life and the innocent could exist in a safe and free environment.

The disturbing details of the evidence O'Mahoney amassed over more than twenty years will horrify the mind of any decent thinking person that dares to read this unique book. Because contained within these pages are the actual words spoken when killers have described `to a friend` how they abducted and murdered innocent children and how they lied and schemed in their efforts to evade justice. Their off the cuff cold, calculating descriptions of murder and conspiracies will give you a chilling insight into a group of people we are all warned as children to avoid, but in reality we are unable to do so because we don't know anything about the danger their almost childlike thinking and terrifyingly cruel and deceptive personalities pose.

Flowers in Gods Garden is a book that will fill you with feelings of utter despair, deep sadness and absolute rage. It is a book that everyone should read...but ensure that you do so with the lights on.

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15th of April 2012

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