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06/11/00 - Gangland link to gun deaths
Evening Echo

Detectives were today probing a link between the cold-blooded killings of two south Essex men. Officers from two forces were due to hold top-level talks about the execution-style shootings of Ronald Fuller and Kenneth Beagle.

Mr Fuller, a former bouncer, was shot dead on the doorstep of his Grays home by what police believe was a gangland assassin. And last Wednesday, Billericay man Kenny Beagle, 55, was gunned down at point blank range in the grounds of Oldchurch Hospital, Romford.

The killing of Mr Fuller is being investigated by Essex Police, while a major incident team from the Met is hunting Mr Beagle's killers. Mr Beagle - also known as Kenneth Kenny - was shot three times in the head at point blank range as he waited beside a ticket machine at the hospital. He died less than an hour later.

Two men wearing hoods and scarves were seen running from the car park. Mr Beagle is believed to be well known to police with a string of criminal convictions. Mr Fuller, 31, was killed on his doorstep on August 31. He was a former bouncer at the Epping Forest Country Club.

A police source said: "There are too many similarities between the two shootings for us not to look at them together. "We have yet to catch anyone for the Fuller murder and there may be some kind of link. Until we look at both carefully we won't know. "These shootings happened a few miles apart and both bore the hallmarks of professional hits."

Police have issued descriptions of two men seen running from the scene of Mr Beagle's killing. One was of medium build and was clutching his left breast, the other was a taller man, Scotland Yard said.
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