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AGE / DATE OF BIRTH: 25 16041970

Who states:- This statement consisting of 004 pages, each signed by me, is true to the best of my knowledge and belief and I make it knowing that if it is tendered in evidence I shall be liable to prosecution if I have wilfully stated in it anything which I know to be false or do not believe to be true.

DATED: 180196

I live with my girlfriend Joanne KEELING at an address in Springfield, Chelmsford, Essex. I am currently seeking employment as a digger driver/groundworker although in the past I have worked as a doorman in nightclubs and I have also run my own security company.

I am involved in body building, using various gymnasiums throughout Essex and it is through these gyms that I have met a person called Pat TATE. During 000093 I was working as a doorman at Hollywoods Nightclub Romford Essex. At this time I was employed by a man called Tony TUCKER.

I believed that TUCKER had contacts with the larger London nightclubs so I decided to work hard and befriend TUCKER who I hoped would recognise my good work and promote me into one of these clubs where I would have the chance to earn better money.

During 000094 TUCKER became more friendly with me and on occasions I would drive his black Porsche 928 car for him. I think its fair to say that on occasions he liked me to drive for him and act as his minder. I am also aware that TUCKER was involved in the drugs world it was through TUCKER that I met his friend Craig ROLFE, at one time Craig was more involved with Club UK Wandsworth.

TUCKER would call on me offering me a days driving but to be honest he was full of promises but I hardly ever got paid. Late in the year of 000094 I moved into TUCKER's flat in Shearers Way, Boreham (number 30). I should also say that as I gained his trust he asked me if I was capable of shooting anyone.

I told him that shooting people wasn't in my nature, I just didn't want the hassle. I was also asked if I would cut people, again I told TUCKER that I would fight anyone if I had to, or I suppose if he asked me to but again I could see no point in marking people for life.

Also if you injure people like this you always have to look behind your back for reprisals and I didn't really want to become involved to this degree. I think this disillusioned TUCKER who drifted away from me, we argued over rent money I owed him which only totalled one hundred and fifty pounds. I couldn't believe he would hassle me for such a small amount.

So I moved out of his flat. During this time I was also working as a digger driver which I continued to do into 000095. I was working for David WILLIAMS an old family friend who has a company called "East Coast Tipping". I remained in contact with TUCKER, sometimes I would take a day off from digger driving and spend the day driving TUCKER's Porsche around Essex.

We would visit a gym or go for a meal. I wasn't getting any good door work so I continued earning a living as a groundworker seeing much less of TUCKER. I have been asked to recall my whereabouts for Wednesday 060000, Thursday 071295. To the best of my memory I can say that from 021200 Joanne and I were staying in **** Stock Essex.

My mother had recently separated from her husband and my grandmother who lives opposite my mum's (number **) had just gone to Australia. So to give my mother some support we spent the week living in my grandmother's home. We were at this address on the Wednesday evening to be with my mother.

On Thursday she works on a late shift so I cannot be positive but I can say we stayed at home in Dakyn Drive all that week between both houses. I remember watching the news about 2200 hours where detail of a shooting of persons in a Range Rover had occurred in Rettendon Essex. Joanne was in bed at the time and I called her to come and look. I told Joanne that I bet I knew of the people, guessing that it would be names I would have known from the nightclub world.

The following day which I think was Friday the names were released AS TUCKER and TATE. I didn't hear the third name but I remember telling Joanne if it was TUCKER the third person would have been TUCKER's close friend a man I know as Carlton LEACH.

Later I heard the third person shot was Craig ROLFE. I have never been in this Range Rover nor was I aware that they owned this type of vehicle. I have never been with TUCKER, TATE or ROLFE to this area of Rettendon since I have known them.

DATE: 180196

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